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Core is the one company for all of your Indoor Air Quality needs

Who is Core

Core is a recognized leader in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality ) industry. 
We have completed over 10,000 jobs for commercial, industrial and government clients worldwide since 1994. 
WHO is Core

WHAT we do 

Maintain, clean, inspect, seal, restore, remediate, balance, test and provide documentation in support of your Indoor Air Quality needs. With specialization in hospitals, nuclear facilities, surface ships and submarines.
Hospitals & Medical Centers

Exceeding the strict indoor air quality requirements required to maintain a healthy & compliant medical facility provides a competitive edge in today’s market. Core can help you provide a greater level of safety for your patients and employees, so you can serve more customers, with greater efficiency.

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Core is a recognized leader in the global Indoor Air Quality & HVAC market. We proactively employ sophisticated technologies and best in class process and specialized certification to address your IAQ problems head-on. 

The U.S. Military including Shipboard & Submarine Services 

Core has developed advanced techniques for military customers throughout the world including approved methods for radiation remediation.

WHAT we do



Year Established
Projects Completed
Radiological Cleaning Division
Robotic Inspection,
Decontamination & Cleaning Capabilities 

WHERE we work

Core is proud to provide worldwide service. We have successfully completed projects in all 50 states, along with efforts in Bahrain, Japan and throughout Europe. 

WHEN we work 

Service capabilities
Delivered across a network of worldwide locations
Enhanced by the accelerated deployment of expert manpower & equipment 
Fueled by our commitment to exceed the expectations of our clients both large & small   
WHERE we work
WHEN we work

HOW we work 

Safety First 

Keeping all workers, employees, customers, patients and the environment safe is Core's top priority and has been for over two decades. 

NADCA Safety Award holder. 

We employ the use of advanced cleaning methods like dry ice for the removal of radioactive substances to ensure that nothing is left behind except for the substance requiring removal. This eliminates the need for large storage containers typically required to store contaminated water after the typical water blasting process.

Our use of Dry ice replaces the use of chemicals such as trichlorethane, cresylic acid, methylene chloride and perchlorethane, which have proven to be highly dangerous to the surrounding environment.


CORE is a recognized leader in the sophisticated dry ice blasting sublimation process used in the removal, recovery and disposal of radioactive matters in a safe, environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible manner. 

Dry ice is an approved medium by the EPA, USDA & FDA, and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and inhibits mold & bacteria growth.

Dry ice dissolves rapidly into the air, leaving behind only the removed material. This material can then be more easily disposed of and does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere making the cleaning process less dangerous.

A Commitment to Excellence

Worldwide service provider

DoD clearances

GSA contract holder

NADCA Certified:

ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists)

VSMR (Ventilation System Mold Remediators)

CVI (Certified Ventilation Inspectors)

Infrared thermographic specialists approved for Level 1 Thermography certification by the Infrared Training Center

IAQA certified member in good standing


Testing, adjusting and balancing experts 

Core has Shipyard Competent Persons on staff. Additionally, our IAQ personnel are trained in Fall Protection, Fire Safety, Power Tool Safety, GHS hazard Communications, Stairways and Ladders, OSHA and Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection, Lockout Tagout Safety and Fit Tested.
HOW we work
Core Suppots

Core Supports!

Core Supports the Blind Vets Sightless Summit.  In 2022 the Core flag made it to the Summit of Denali. 


WHY we do this

High indoor air quality is non-negotiable. It is your responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment for employees and customers. 

However, as buildings are made more energy efficient, unsafe chemicals, molds, bacteria, fungi and other health and safety risks are sealed up tight inside, making your commitment to clean air a serious challenge. To manage this new reality requires specialization, diligence and ongoing expertise. Yes, Core holds all the industry leading certifications, but  across tens of thousands of successfully completed projects, we've also created processes that are one of kind in the industry. We are in this for the long run. We are committed to staying ahead of the ever evolving IAQ landscape. We will continue to invest in the growth of our employees and the use of cutting edge technologies to satisfy the expanding safety and air quality needs our worldwide clientele. 



Just because you don't see it... 

Doesn't mean it isn't in the air you breathe. 

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